Bitcoin Stock To Flow Plan B


Bitcoin Stock To Flow Plan B. Modeling bitcoin's value with scarcity the stock to flow model for bitcoin suggests that bitcoin price is driven by scarcity over time. Daily updating model of bitcoin stock to flow chart from plan b @100trillion article 'modeling bitcoin's value with scarcity'.

Bitcoin Stock To Flow Plan B
Kritiek op 'Stock-to-Flow' (S2F) model. Bedenker Plan B … from

Het stock to flow en s2fx model op bitcoin van planb. Yeah, the correlation that i first spotted was with the market values of gold, silver, bitcoin and the stock to flow values that were related to that. It's scarce, relatively costly to produce, and its maximum supply is capped at 21 million coins.

In simple terms, the stock to flow (sf or s2f) model is a way to measure the abundance of a particular resource.

According to plan b's stock to flow model, bitcoin will be $100000 this time next year. Lees hier deze analyse van het model. Stock to flow is a measure of scarcity, that's how i describe it. In a tweet on sept.