35+ Joe Cole Black Mirror Background


35+ Joe Cole Black Mirror Background. It doesn't matter whether frank or amy want black mirror is most comfortable when it's suspicious of technology, but it's sharpest when it examines distinctly human anxieties. Joe cole is an english actor who plays frank in hang the dj.

35+ Joe Cole Black Mirror Background
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In the episode's concept, frank (joe cole) and amy (georgina campbell) are both new members of a dating program that pairs them up for dinner. But tv fans will recognise the actor, who stars in black mirror episode hang the dj, for his portrayal of john shelby. Paired up by a dating program that puts an expiration date on all relationships, frank and amy soon begin to question the system's logic.

A recap of netflix's black mirror season 4 episode 4 starring georgina campbell and joe cole, written by charlie brooker.

Black mirror takes on the world of dating apps in hang the dj. In hang the dj, those. Joe cole joe cole, 29, has a hella impressive list of tv credits, appearing in a diverse range of programmes, from political satire such as the thick of it, to gritty teen drama skins. #black mirror #blackmirroredit #stydiaislove #hang the dj #joe cole #georgina campbell.